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Lambostuff PN# 3
Lamborghini PN# 0094005414
Description SEE PN 400853682A x 1 and 4T0853139 x 2
The Lamborghini Script located on the 6.0 Dash 5in REPLACED BY THE 4T0853139 x 2 and 400853682A x1 
Italian NA 
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Special Notes about this part:
This part number is no longer valid. If the description has "See XXXXXXXX" where the "X" is a part number this means Lamborghini has superseded the part number. You will need to re-enter this NEW part number in the search. Please note that there may be several part numbers that have been updated or replaced.  You can NOT order a part that has a description that is referring to another part number. If you feel this message is in error please email us BEFORE you place your order.

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2000-2001 Diablo 6.0
Part Market: USA Page: 60.01.00

2000-2001 Diablo 6.0
MKT: USA Page: 60.01.00

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