The LDAS-32 system
(Lamborghini Data Acquisition System) is a proprietary 32 bit diagnostic system developed for Lamborghini.

It consists of the following items:

Laptop Computer (generally factory preconfigured Panasonic though book
Either a LPT port or USB LDAS Electronic Interface
PC-CAN cable to connects to the diagnostic port in the Lamborghini (Not to be confused with the OBD connector)
Encryption Key used to operate the software that supports up to 2010 Models

The LDAS provides for the following diagnostic procedures:

1. Display of real time all of the engine sensors for both banks
     To include but not limited to (based on model and year):

 RPM, MAP, PA1024 (Accelerator pedal opening percentage), Water temp, Air Temp, Engine Sync, Oil Temp, Mixture Strength, Catalytic Converter Temp, ECU start time, Oil Pressure, Idle Status, Barometric pressure, Idle Speed, Fuel Pressure, Engine Spark Advance, Crank Phase, Ignition Timing, Battery Voltage, Spark Advance, Tank pressure, Radiator fan status, Plenum Valve status, Purge solenoid status, Purge Fuel density, Throttle opening percentage, Throttle position read (left and right banks), Torque request from engine, Torque requested by pedal, Throttle pedal signal and opening percentage, O2 sensor management, mixture strength to Lambda, Self learning timing, Post-Cat sensors, Idle self timer, Idle RPM target, RPM errors, AC control RPM request, DBW Correction management, VVT Management, and Engine Sync data.

2. Immobilizer data, displays the Timer status for the theft detection system
3. Lifting system Diagnostics  for Hydraulic ECU pressure, User button control status, Solenoid vale control, Target reach, upper and lower limit pressures, Pressure sensor diagnostic, Up and down vale diagnostics.
4. MAP real time strip screen for calibrating Throttle bodies.
5. Misfire bank status and cylinder identification
6. Accelerator pedal adjustment and Engine Idle speed adjustment
7. Total engine operating time display
8. Start up attempts
9. Warning tables & Errors
10. GFA data logger (Top speed, how long the event lasted, operation time of Injection system
11. Display Type of map, version, year, VIN of the ECU's
12. Reset Diagnostic data
13. VIS/VVT control, Manual fan energizing, control manual activation of the air pump
14. Air Intake & Spoiler adjustment (Murci)