Lamborghini Engine Rebuilds

 Lambostuff tries to maintain a selection of both used engines and factory spec'ed rebuilds. We also offer rebuilding services, to include either completely factory spec to higher performance blueprinted engines. For more information please contact one of our staff members. 

All Lambostuff rebuilt engines go through a 100% complete teardown. The blocks and heads are pressure inspected, hot tanked and then cold tanked to remove all residue and impurities. The blocks are re-honed or resleeved and all tolerances verified. The heads receive a 3 angle valve job, with all new races and guides. Engines receive all new bearings, rings, seals and gaskets.  Any part that is not 100% within factory tolerance is replaced.  In all respects a rebuilt engine is considered a new engine and proper break-in procedures must be followed.

Used Engine are from running cars that are exchanged for cores for specialty applications like Turbo charging or racing conversion. Typically Used engines have less than 10,000 miles and are guaranteed running when removed.

New/Rebuilt  Long Block: $CALL  w/Core New/Rebuilt  Long Block  $CALL w/Core
Used  Long Block: $CALL w/Core Used  Long Block  $CALL w/Core
Rebuildable Gallardo Core Charge: ($CALL) Rebuildable Diablo/Murci Core Charge: ($CALL)

Call or Email for details and availability
A rebuildable core is an engine that has undamaged Block, Crank, Heads, Piston, Rods, valve & timing components, or any moving part that is not a seal or bearing.  If any one of these are damaged, the cost to replace those items are subtracted from the core charge refund. Customer sending their cores back to Lambosuff must be drained of all oil, accessories including the Oil pump to be removed or forfeit them if not taken off the engine before it was shipped.

* Core Charges are refunded within 14 business days of receipt providing the engine is rebuildable.
** Long Block assemblies include the block, crank, pistons, valves and heads. Intake, Accessories and Exhaust parts are not included.

Warranty: Rebuilt engines carry a one year warranty against workmanship. Unless Lambostuff installs the engine we can not warranty the engine against internal part failure. External factors, such as blocked oil lines or contamination that possibly cause the engine to need replacing in the first place are not our liability.  Before any warranty claim will be processed, the engine MUST be returned to our builder for a complete teardown to determine the cause of failure. If it is determined there was a fault in the engine parts, it will be fixed at no additional expense to you, however if evidence of extreme wear, abuse, low oil, external partials (not limited to sand, metal shavings or any other contaminate if discovered,  we will not warranty repairs.

Used Engine are sold AS-IS - we will provide you with a Video of the engine running w/o errors.



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