Emergency Brake Handle Installation. 

Convert your Fiero E-Brake to a Diablo style brake and Save $$ with our Kit



Remove the old orange handle from your brake.  You need to file down the sides of the slider bar to allow the tube to slip over and avoid binding of movement when the extension is welded on.

You will need to get a small section of tubing from your local home improvement center like Lowes or Home Depot.  Cut the tube to the length you want the handle to be extended.

You will need to weld on an extension being careful not to weld the movable slider to the guide.  It is best to use a threaded rod so that you can screw the button on.

Make sure the tube and the extension measure to allow about an inch of protrusion from the tube.

You then will weld the tube to the outside (non-movable slider)  then simply slip over the new handle end.  You may need to tap it to set.  You may also add glue to secure it further, however the fit is pretty tight the way it is and is probably not needed.  For the button drill a pilot hole and screw the button down.